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Car prices Honda the latest and cheapest year 2018



The latest and cheapest of Honda cars of the year 2018

 – in the year 2018, nearly the entire company in the field of transport doing production and marketing are incessant. The heat of competition in the field of transportation, making each transport company must be able to compete in an intelligent and careful consideration in attracting consumers. Innovation models and types of vehicles are now increasingly advanced, not just simply there because now a lot of car companies that offer products with their car purchase prices you can afford
has the car you want in accordance with the budget to your bag.
Honda car company is one which gives the prices with a great selection of cars, from the start, type, model type and color. In addition to offering modern design, Honda also provide their production cars by installing a wide range of advanced features and powerful bertega engine with a torque of sangan.

Here’s a collection of some of the car brand Honda’s newest and cheapest year 2018:

1. Car Honda Brio 2018

Car Type
Car Prices
Honda Brio Satya S
Honda Brio Satya E
Honda Brio Satya E CVT
Honda Brio RS
Honda Brio RS CVT
Honda Brio RS CVT Special Edition
RP. 131.5 million
RP. 136.5 million
RP. 151.5 million
RP. 163 million
RP. 178 million
RP. 179.2 million

2. Cars Honda New Jazz 2018

Car Type
Car Prices
New Honda Jazz S
Honda New Jazz S CVT
Honda New Jazz RS
Honda New Jazz RS CVT
Honda New Jazz RS CVT Special Edition
RP. 231.500.000
RP. 241.500.000
RP. 256.500.000
RP. 266.500.000
RP. 269.300.000

3. Honda cars BR-V 2018

Car Type
Car Prices
Honda BR-V S 6MT
Honda BR-V E 6MT
Honda BR-V E CVT
BR-V Honda Prestige CVT
RP. 233.000.000
RP. 243.000.000
RP. 253.000.000
RP. 268.000.000

4. Car Honda HR-V

Car Type
Car Prices
Honda HR-V 1, 1.5 l jar S
Honda HR-V 1, 1.5 l jar S CVT
Honda HR-V 1.5 L E CVT
Honda HR-V 1.5 L E CVT Special Edition
Honda HR-V 1.5 L E CVT Mugen
Honda HR-V 1.8 L Prestige
Honda HR-V 1.8 L Mugen
RP. 272.000.000
RP. 282.000.000
RP. 304.000.000
RP. 311.500.000
RP. 330.000.000
RP. 377.000.000
RP. 403.000.000

5. Car Honda Mobilio 2018

Car Type
Car Prices
Honda Mobilio S
Honda Mobilio E
Honda Mobilio E CVT
Honda Mobilio RS
Honda Mobilio RS CVT
RP. 189.500.000
IDR 210.000.000
RP. 221.000.000
RP. 233.000.000
RP. 243.500.000

6. Car Honda CR-V 2018

Car Type
Car Prices
Honda CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC
Honda CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC A/T
Honda CR-V 2.4 I-VTEC A/T
Honda CR-V 2.4 L Prestige A/T
RP. 408.000.000
RP. 418.000.000
RP. 452.500.000
RP. 501.000.000

7. Honda City car 2018

Car Type
Car Prices
HondaNew City E
HondaNew City E CVT
RP. 312.000.000
RP. 322.000.000

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