15 MPV cars are best-selling and hunted in 2018 – 2019


15 MPV cars are best-selling and hunted in 2018 – 2019


MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle is still one of the most popular cars in the universe. This car is often referred to as a family car that can carry many passengers. The MPV comes with a larger design and a spacious cabin. The MPV car can carry up to 7 passengers. In addition, the MPV is also supported with wider luggage. If the passenger seat is not used it can be folded, so that the items carried become more. So it is not surprising if this MPV car is very popular with many families in the whole world. In addition, the MPV car model is perfect for the travel business.


The true MPV car model has long emerged, but with the time and design, colors and colors are growing and many variations can make us captivated by it. MPV cars with a capacity of 7 passengers are a popular choice today because they can carry more passengers and carry more goods.



Maybe some people are wondering, what is an MPV car like? Ashamed to ask astray on the road, then through this article we will present an MPV car model that fits many passengers and is the most hunted.


Here are the 15 MPV Cars that are the best selling and hunting in 2018 – 2019:


  1. Mitsubishi Xpander`


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  1. Nissan Grand Livina

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  1. Honda Mobilio


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  1. Suzuki Ertiga

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  1. Wuling Confero S

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  1. Daihatsu Terios

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  1. Honda Odyssey

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  1. Toyota Kijang Innova

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  1. Toyota Sienta

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  1. Honda Freed

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  1. Daihatsu Xenia


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  1. Toyota Avanza

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  1. Suzuki APV

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  1. Toyota Calya

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  1. Daihatsu Luxio

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Thus the article about 15 of the best and most hunted MPV cars 2018 – 2019. Hopefully this article is useful and can be your reference in choosing a car.



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