5 Types and Models of Favorite Cars in Europe


Type and Model of Favorite Cars




Comfortable and safe, that’s one of the objectives chosen by the people in the world today choose something. Same as choosing a vehicle. In 2018, there are so many models of car vehicles that lure hearts and eyes to immediately have them. Car companies are competing to create various car models, with a unique, elegant and luxurious design.

With the many types and models of cars that appear on the market, sometimes it makes consumers confused about which car to buy. Keep in mind, you should do surveys from various aspects, before you drop your choice, which car to buy. Therefore, autoforcar.com will help you to provide more information about the type of car and its functions.



Here are the most popular types of cars in the world:


  1. Sedan


Sedan type. This type of sedan is often seen along the road. This sedan car has a body design that is quite short and elongated. This sophisticated and graceful design often invites consumers to buy it immediately. Sedan cars are included in the list of favorite cars for every circle. The use of a sedan is very suitable for family planning, and most sedan cars are used in urban areas, because seeing the body is relatively flat and a little difficult to hit the flooded road.

Here’s an example of a Sedan type car :






  1. SUV


SUV car type. SUV is an abbreviation of (Sport Utility Vehicle). This type is a combination of two cars that have been combined, namely a sedan with a jeep. Its use is also suitable for families. With a design that is high enough, has a high Ground Clearance (distance between the ground and the bottom of the car) and a drive on each of the four wheels, making the SUV type car suitable for use in various places and events.

Here are examples of the type of SUV :






  1. MPV


The third type of car is MPV. MPV (Multi Purposes Vehicle), or better known as a minivan. The MPV car type is deliberately designed for family cars, so that it can accommodate many passengers while driving. In addition to families, MPV cars can also be used to carry goods. No need to doubt or not, because this car is indeed functioned to accommodate many people and goods. In addition, MPV is also one of the cars with a relatively affordable price.


Here are the types of MPV cars that you can choose :






  1. Hatchback


Hatchback type. Hatchback one type of minimalist car. Although the form is minimal, but not a few of the car companies that launch hatchback car models with unique and luxurious models. The hatchback only has small baggage, and the number of passenger seats is only enough for 5 people. The type of car hatchback is more playing in style, uniqueness and funny performance.

The following types of hatchback car models :






  1. City car


The next type is City Car. This type is eleven twelve with a hatchback. City car also has a small body. However, the city car has almost no luggage on the back. So, if you want to go far with your family by bringing lots of things, then the city car is not the right solution for you to choose.

Here’s an example of a “city car” car :






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