5 Bad Effects Washing Under the Car Using a Steam Machine

Bad Effects Washing Under the Car Using a Steam Machine


Washing a car is one way to keep the car good and durable. Also so that the exterior and interior conditions of the car feel comfortable to use and pleasing to the eye.

Maintaining cleanliness and appearance of the car to make it look sleek and clean does need extra attention. One way is to often wash the car and more often polish the car with silicone so that the car paint is maintained from the sun that can damage the paint.


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However, washing the car must not be careless, washing the car must be the right way and all we need to know is not to wash too often under the car. Because if you wash too often under the car, it will make porous under the car.

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The porous part is caused by being exposed to too much water. Because the water can settle in several parts under. Then, if the water does not dry out immediately, then over time it will cause loss in certain parts.

Some Bad Causes of Using Steam in the Undercar:

1. Water pressure

The water sprayed through the steam engine is very large. Meanwhile, we don’t know what parts are under the car. Including cables and other electronic parts. We may wash parts under the car using steam, but in certain parts only and must be very careful.

Washing under the car, it requires considerable extra attention and needs precision in order to get maximum results. In order not to wash parts too often under the car, maybe you can wash parts under the car once a month or when it’s just raining. This is to prevent various problems that can arise due to too often washing parts under the car.


2. Originally spray car components

Usually the officers of car wash providers want to satisfy the consumers, finally they clean all parts of the car. In addition, they also want to quickly finish washing the car, so they usually just spray using the steam engine even in the underwater section.

For you, need to notify the car wash officer, to wash the car properly and thoroughly. And using a steam engine, specifically only for spraying certain parts that require high water pressure.


3. Causes a short circuit

The electrical system can experience a short circuit due to the high water pressure entering your car’s electrical installation. And if there is a short circuit, you need to repair the part or even replace it with a new one so you need to dig deeper into it to fix it.


4. Causes the engine to crash

Washing too often under the car can also cause the engine to break down. This is because high water pressure can enter into the vital part of the engine such as a carburetor. And if you experience something like this, you have to spend even deeper to repair a broken car engine.


5. Damaging several parts of the car

Can make several parts of the car (for example on the parts of the car and also the suspension) to be unable to walk properly so it is less comfortable when driving.

The system of the legs and also the suspension on the car will be disrupted due to too often washing parts under the car using a steam engine. Because it can make the lubricant in the legs and suspension become lost. Therefore, when you drive a car it will feel uncomfortable because the lubricant that smoothes out that part is missing.


That’s the Bad Effect of Washing a Car Bottom Using a Steam Machine, hopefully it’s useful.

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