Honda e Prototype, 2019 Latest Honda Electric Car

Honda e Prototype, 2019 Latest Honda Electric Car – Electric cars, in 2019 Honda has officially launched the newest electric car. As already known, that Honda was still reluctant to reveal the electric car model that was being released. In the future Honda will make its first debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.


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The design is made modern and not too futuristic. Interestingly, the Honda e Prototype no longer uses conventional mirrors but is replaced with a pair of cameras. In addition, this electric car is also equipped with 2 doors and dual-tone alloy wheels. The interior of the Honda e Prototype has a sophisticated dashboard. Although the design seems minimalist, but the component has a multifunction screen that stretches from end to end and serves to monitor the condition of the car. Ranging from personal assistants, battery capacity, to infotainment systems. This component can also be connected to your smartphone.


The Honda e Prototype is able to travel 200 km in full battery condition. Within 30 minutes it can charge the battery up to 80%. So it doesn’t take long to recharge the Honda e Prototype Car battery.



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