HOW TO FACE THE CAR TIRE ARRIVING AROUND one of the causes of the biggest car accident on the road is broken car tires. Moreover, the car tires burst suddenly when driving at high speed, because it makes the driver surprised.

Factors that cause car tires to break:

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  1. Such as lack of tire pressure (deflated) which is not caused by overload. Because this causes a lack of tire pressure so that the tire wall structure consisting of steel wire weakens and is not optimal in supporting the weight of the vehicle. Constantly being forced to drive will be able to damage and tear the car tires.
  2. Tire installation error
  3. The tire tread is bald
  4. The surface or wall of the tire is exposed to sharp objects such as rocks or damaged road surfaces while speeding.


The solution to dealing with tires breaks suddenly:

  • Drivers don’t panic. Panic tends to make a lot of fatal mistakes, like trying to hit the brakes immediately, or suddenly turning the steering wheel of a car.
  • Hold the steering wheel firmly while keeping the car straight. One of the broken tires can make a tire like pulling to the side of a broken tire. This is what needs to be considered so that the car does not go out of its way.
  • Lower the speed of the car gradually, not as fast as possible.
  • Avoid stepping on the brakes and enough to release the gas slowly and allow the engine brake to reduce the speed of the car. Because if you hit the brake will make the weight of the car will move forward and make it difficult to control the steering wheel.
  • Follow it by gradually moving the transmission gear lever for manual cars. When the car’s speed is low enough, the driver can easily direct the car towards the roadside. When the speed is low enough, the driver is able to hit the brakes.

=> SO: It is strongly recommended to check the condition of the car tires regularly to monitor if there is damage to the tire surface.


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