How to find out if your car is fuel efficient or not

How to find out if your car is fuel efficient or not

It is important for us to know the fuel usage in the car. Because the use of fuel that is very wasteful will be a problem that matters to us. Efficiency in the use of fuel is one of the things that must be considered when buying a car.

We can already determine the fuel consumption of the car that we will buy a lot or not, by looking at the number of CCs. But this is not the main factor.

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Actually the level of waste or not a car is indeed we cannot measure only by using one method, because in general there are some things that become wasteful determinants or not of a car.

Note: To save more on fuel consumption in your car, always fill it with a full tank.

How To Find an Efficient Car or Not

1. First step

Fill your car’s fuel tank to the full. Then note the number of kilometers in the mileage pointer printed on your car. For example, just say the number listed on the ordometer is 2000. And give the symbol A to that number.

2. Second Step

Use your vehicle for your activities every day. After that, repeat refueling your car to the full tank position, and don’t forget to record again how many liters of fuel we fill in the tank of the car.

For example, call it like 30 liters and now give it an F. symbol. Also, note the mileage indicator after you refuel the second time. Just say like 2300 and now give the symbol B.

3. Third step

Now it’s time to calculate fuel consumption according to the data we have specified above.

Here’s how to calculate it.

A = 2000 KM (Initial Kilometer)
B = 2300 KM (Final Kilometer)
F = 30 Liters
The calculation formula is:

(B – A) / F = Results of Km / Liter
(2300 – 2000) / 30 = 10 km / liter

we can see, fuel consumption for cars with a distance of 300 km is 30 liters.

Therefore, we can take the data of the average fuel you use every day is 1 liter for a distance of 10 Km.

=> To get more accurate results, then do this method two or three times so that the results are more accurate.


Another thing to note:

  • Fuel consumption in one car will also change with your driving conditions. Roads that are jammed with a smooth toll road, of course the use of fuel for both types of situations will be different.
  • Traffic conditions will certainly require a lot of fuel consumption rather than road conditions that are smooth and free of obstacles.
  • The cruise control system on your car can help save your fuel usage.
  • The use of air conditioners with over temperature will also increase fuel consumption in your car. For this reason, if it is not really needed, use a car cooler that suits your needs.


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