Important! Here Are the 4 Factors That Cause Explosions in Cars

Important! Here Are the 4 Factors That Cause Explosions in Cars

There are several factors that can cause an explosion in a car. And to anticipate it, we must know about what factors can cause an explosion in the car.

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1. Fuel and oil leaks

There are some flammable liquids when the car is run. Like gasoline, diesel, engine oil, transmission oil, power stering oil, and even engine coolant.

All of these liquids can burn when there is a leak in the hose or tank. This is what can trigger an explosion.

Leaks are the main reason for various incidents of car fires. In temperatures around 7.2 degrees Celsius, gasoline can burn with a small spark, like fire coming from the car’s combustion chamber.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to take care of the car’s fuel and oil circulation system. when we smell gasoline around or in a car, then immediately find the source and make repairs.


2. Electrical damage

Car battery problems can create hydrogen gas deposits in the engine room components of the car. This gas can leak if there is damage to the cable. Fire caused by electrical damage can occur in almost all parts of the car.

Because the electrical system in the car is not only found on the bottom of the engine hood, but in the entire car, such as the door, under the carpet cooling, to the audio system.


3. Engine overheats

Car engines that work too hard can cause oveheat or too hot. This can cause the oil temperature to become very high so that it can drip or leak into the part that can ignite the fire. Usually a car engine that is easily hot is caused by damage to the radiator or engine valve that is not perfect.

we can see the state of the engine that is hot through the indicator on the dashboard. If this happens, immediately remove the car and turn off the engine.


4. Charger port

a charger port that serves to charge a cell phone can cause the potential for a car to explode. Because when we charge a cell phone while driving a car, the power flowing to the cellphone becomes unstable. This condition has the potential to cause an explosion in the car. Therefore, it is better for your friend to charge your phone when the car stops or is not running.


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